Content Integration

Create a cohesive learning experience

Blanchard understands the importance of effective leadership training being a seamless part of your existing learning environment. That’s why we start every learning initiative with a collaborative design session to develop a program that works within your current ecosystem. We work with our clients to understand how to incorporate our content into their technology infrastructure and infuse their content into an engaging learning journey. This collaborative approach ensures learners feel like our content is part of a connected experience their organization has crafted, not a patchwork of unrelated off-the-shelf exercises.

Build A Custom Learning Journey, Integrating Content From Many Places

Strategic Integration

Ample opportunities to integrate your company language and content into our frameworks.

We Are Where You Are

We have integrated with many platforms, including Degreed, SuccessFactors, Workday, Cornerstone, Precipio, MindTickle, and more.

Your LMS or Ours

Integrate Blanchard content and learning journeys into your LMS and learning experience platforms, or use Blanchard’s proprietary LMS

Ease of Access

Our program designs meet the needs of your learners and your business objectives while eliminating barriers to entry and engagement.

How We Integrate Content Seamlessly

SSO Integration

Access our content and platforms through one sign in

Always Current

Know you have the latest content—no version control challenges

Deep Links

Access Blanchard’s proven content from your existing platform

Custom Content

Make connections between Blanchard models and your strategic imperatives

Hosted Content

Load our digital content into your learning platforms


Use email and text to make bridges and create context

How content integration drives experience

Our experienced Solutions Architects use a collaborative design approach and design thinking tenets to help companies reach their people where they are. We understand how to deploy technology and the latest instructional design techniques to address differing learner needs. We help ensure executive sponsorship, integrate our content into your existing development initiatives and platforms, build an engaging, elegant design, support the program with a sustainment strategy, and implement measurement tools to complete the approach.

Let Our Experts Help You Integrate Content Easily

Determine Your Live Event And Communication Strategy

Many platforms are not program delivery platforms and don’t manage cohorts or communications. We can talk you through options.

Determine Your Translation Strategy Early

If content needs to be in multiple languages, consider using “ready to go” (off-the-shelf) content to scale quickly and not consume costs to translate.

Think Long Term

If you are using a learning experience platform for the “formal” journey, it’s important to identify what happens after the journey to drive skills, such as alumni groups, deeper sessions, new content areas, quarterly campaigns, etc.

Learn more about content integration today

A learning experience that feels like a complete, cohesive journey is much more likely to connect with your learners and quickly lead them to personal and professional transformation and behavioral change. At Blanchard, our expert Solutions Architects have decades of experience integrating our evidence-based content and leadership development frameworks into a holistic approach, whether on our platform or yours. Learn how we can help you build a learning journey that sticks, giving leadership the skills your organization needs to be successful in the future, starting with giving your learners the practical skills they need today.

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