Blanchard Leadership Training Program

SLII®—Powering Inspired Leaders™

The world’s most-taught leadership framework, SLII® teaches managers how to unleash the potential of their direct reports by leading situationally: giving the right support and direction at the right time. This leadership style enables employees to develop faster, succeed more, and reach their full potential. It also gives managers a common leadership language.

Blanchard Management Essentials®

Help your new managers develop the skills they need to step confidently into their new roles with Blanchard Management Essentials®. Based on the best-selling business book, The New One Minute Manager®, by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, the program covers the foundational skills that generate positive communications, improve morale, and increase productivity.

Building Trust

Trust in the workplace is a prerequisite for success, so when it’s missing, there’s little collaboration and a lot of suspicion. Building Trust teaches how to cultivate trust and repair it when it’s been compromised. Using the Elements of Trust Model, learners discover how to inspire engagement and commitment.

Coaching Essentials®

The ability to coach is one of the things that separates great leaders from the rest. Coaching Essentials® teaches managers the four critical skills needed for effective coaching and provides opportunities for practice. When managers can coach effectively, their direct reports are more productive, loyal, and engaged.

Courageous Inclusion™

Achieving true diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace isn’t easy. Many people want to make progress on DEI topics, but don’t have a plan or skills to carry it out. Courageous Inclusion™ teaches people a mindset that promotes diversity and inclusion, and a process to become more knowledgeable and active proponents of inclusion in their workplace.

Essential Motivators™

When individuals better understand themselves, they can bring their best skills and talents to their work. Essential Motivators™ teaches a framework to help learners identify their pattern of core psychological needs, values, talents, and behaviors so they can better understand themselves and others, be more effective, and appreciate different perspectives.

Leadership Point of View™

Today’s leaders balance relationships and results under great pressure, making difficult decisions every day. When leaders are clear on their leadership values and principles, they can make tough trade-offs and lead their people with more intentionality and authenticity. Blanchard’s Leadership Point of View™ is an immersive experience that helps leaders uncover their values, write their leadership point of view, and create trusting relationships with their people.

Leading People Through Change®

Change initiatives are notoriously challenging. Leading People Through Change® takes a unique and proven approach: It teaches a high-involvement, collaborative solution that invites all parties into the change process. This inclusive method draws on research and our 30+ years of practical experience in the field.

Leading Virtually™

Leading Virtually™ is a highly engaging solution that focuses on three key practices proven to boost manager effectiveness in a virtual environment: Be Present and Mindful, Foster Community, and Accelerate Performance and Development.
Keep your clients coming back by building a culture that delivers stellar customer service. Legendary Service® teaches your people how to create a personal service vision, take initiative, resolve problems, and ask for what they need to serve their customers better.

Self Leadership

Empower your employees to make exceptional contributions to your organization. The program teaches learners how to challenge their assumed constraints, determine what they need to succeed, and proactively ask for it. It finishes with them mapping their sources of power at work. These skillsets and mindsets are the foundation for a culture of innovation.

Servant Leadership Essentials™

Servant leaders are consistently interested in providing what their people need to be successful. They want to make a difference in the lives of their people and, in the process, benefit the organization. We believe servant leadership is both a mindset and a skillset that focuses on serving others first. Blanchard’s Servant Leadership Essentials™ program teaches leaders how to build trust, listen, and give and receive feedback in ways that lead to higher levels of engagement, performance, and human satisfaction.

Team Leadership

Teams frequently fail to accomplish goals because of a lack of shared purpose, unclear goals and roles, and ineffective leadership. The Team Leadership program teaches team leaders how all teams develop and how to provide clarity, manage conflict, and build trust to break through barriers and sustain high-performance teams.