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Critical individual skills that set people up for workplace success

Personal effectiveness in today’s work environment typically includes a combination of skills, behaviors, and attitudes that enable an individual to perform well in their job and contribute to the organization’s overall success. Key aspects of personal effectiveness include honing the abilities to:

  • Prioritize tasks, set goals, and manage time effectively 
  • Adapt to new situations, changes in work processes, or new technologies
  • Understand one’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and emotions 
  • Bounce back from setbacks, learn from mistakes, and maintain a positive attitude
  • Continuously learn and improve one’s skills, knowledge, and competencies

Become more intentional and productive

Blanchard believes that one of the most effective ways for workers to become more productive is to be intentional about their work—prioritizing their tasks, focusing on the most important and urgent tasks, and eliminating distractions.

Blanchard programs teach the skills necessary to improve job performance and advance in today’s changing marketplace—including how to:

Navigate unclear expectations
Gain clarity about what is expected and how to align work with the organization’s goals.

Effectively manage time
Manage time effectively, especially when faced with a large workload and multiple competing priorities.

Maximize limited resources
Dealing with limitations in terms of the available resources and support that can make it difficult to complete work effectively and efficiently.

Manage stress
The pressure to perform and meet or exceed expectations can lead to high stress levels and burnout among workers, which can negatively impact productivity and success.

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Give every employee the tools for individual success

A successful organization is the byproduct of a workplace culture where everyone has the tools and training they need to do their job and grow as a business professional. Let us build a custom learning journey to help everyone in your company become more effective in the work they do every day.