Diversity & Inclusion

An inclusive workplace ensures everyone feels seen, heard, and valued

In the workplace, being aware of diversity, inclusion, and belonging issues are crucial for creating a culture and workforce representative of the customers and communities a business serves. Critical outcomes of a comprehensive DEI program include:

  • A diverse workforce with fair and equal access to opportunities and resources
  • An environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and supported 
  • A workplace culture where people from all backgrounds can bring their whole selves to work 
  • A sense of belonging where everyone is accepted and valued as a member of the organization

Leaders build a more inclusive workplace one interaction at a time

Leadership plays a critical role in shaping an organization’s culture. Effective leaders understand the importance of creating an environment that values diversity, inclusion, and belonging and take a proactive approach to model inclusive behaviors within the organization. Blanchard’s DEI programs give leaders the ability to:

Be accountable
Leaders learn how to hold themselves accountable by examining and addressing their biases. They know how to be open to feedback and make changes when necessary.

Lead by example
Leaders’ actions and behaviors create workplace norms that significantly impact the company’s culture. Inclusive leaders create a culture that values diversity and inclusion by setting clear expectations and leading by example.

Promote belonging
Inclusive leaders foster a sense of community, value individual differences, and intentionally create opportunities for employees to connect and collaborate.

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Create an intentionally inclusive culture

Everyone deserves to work in an environment where they feel their unique experience, perspectives, and contributions are welcomed. Let us build a custom learning journey to help your leaders learn how to create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued.