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Joyce Maria Santiago-Wang

Consulting Associate

Joyce began her early career in the telecommunications industry. She spent over 17 years working in various key management positions within a conglomerate of companies, giving her a breadth of experience in the areas of finance, customer service, sales & marketing, and operations. Prior to retiring from the industry to do consulting and coaching work, she was the President and CEO of Philippine Wireless, Inc. Some of her accomplishments include spearheading the eventual shift away from its sunset products to newer products, implementing the strategic process management system and the values transformation of the organization during this critical transition period of the company.

Joyce is a certified SLII® (formerly known as Situational Leadership II®) trainer and Leadership Point of View high-level programs of the Blanchard Group of Companies. She also facilitates the Coaching Essentials and Self Leadership.

Joyce is a Co-Founder of Lead Out Coaching & Consultancy Inc. which helps provide values transformation for companies and individuals. Joyce facilitates the seminars and programs, and has been serving as an Executive Coaches since 2012.

In her spare time, she is an active member of the of her local parish. For four years, she has served as the Continuing Catholic Development Ministry’s head. In such capacity, she managed and provided guidance in curriculum development programs for the teachers and students, and spearheading various outreach programs.

Having graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California (USC), she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

Chichi T. Alferez

Talent Management Consultant
With an extensive career spanning more than 25 years in the dynamic field of Talent Management, Chi-chi emerges as a pioneering figure in Learning and Development, with a distinct specialization in Leadership and Management advancement. Her extensive journey through leadership and executive positions across local and global organizations uniquely equips her to provide strategic guidance and innovative insights to teams and individuals alike. This is manifested through internally designed development programs, personalized one-on-one executive coaching, and forward-thinking succession planning initiatives. With a distinguished track record extending over two decades, Chi-chi’s central focus revolves around the creation and execution of strategic business models. She excels as an expert in change management, comprehensive talent optimization, streamlined operations, and holistic development strategies. Her consultative approach has led to transformative endeavors, including organizational overhauls, effective managerial governance, and operational refinement through the implementation of standardized processes and services. Her foundational experience within the hospitality sector, spanning from local establishments to global hotel chains, has deeply instilled in Chi-chi an unwavering commitment to a client-centric ethos and philosophy. This bedrock experience has paved the way for her expertise in talent and operations management, thriving in the fast-paced arenas of Banking & Finance and the dynamic realm of BPO services.